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Raise your head up, lift high the load

Take strength from those that need you

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Classy kinda sassy
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"wehrenberg!", CAPSLOCK, SUBSTANCE, 62442, agent smith's malfunction, alvin york, amos hart, andy milonakis, anthropomorphizing, arsenokoites and malakos, audie murphy, bam's fear of snakes, bambiraptors, blue steel, buffalo bills, cancer germs, carlton banks, charlie schlatter, chico marx, chris lova lova, chris muir, closing the motherfucking door, clue gang, come back ford!, comics, cosmo mcnaught, daggers of friendship, dale gribble, danny the dancing cat, diagnosis murder, dinocorns, doakes, dougal!, dramatic reenactments, edmund pevensie, faith trust pixie dust, faye valentine, fearless proud and strong, frank tornado teeth, gilbert k. chesterton, hiei, hogarth and handel, hunting ghosts, i'm just a popstar!, i'm just an angel!, inbox (35), infracaninophilia, jack churchill, jay-z, jenny rom, jesus christ vampire hunter, jig fever, key-sword-tars, kid flash, knuckles the echidna, kuwabara, lenka + michael, leslie nielsen, manbearpig, manufactured triumph, miss piggle wiggle, missing tyr, mythology, neil cicierega, oh tones, omichan, paige in the rubble, peeling off labels, perposterice!, pole!, power comas, puddleglum, quest for the crown, raoul wallenberg, roaring twenties, saiyuki, sashaying, shelby steele, simo hayha, skumps, spare parts man, staring blankly at andromeda, statler and waldorf, steve rogers, tears of glee, the mystery of cokcfac, the tick, the unstoppable jack mccoy, there is no in-between, they might be giants, tony stark, triggers, vaguely celtic music, victor stone, voltron, wally west, war machine, willzyx's moon castle, yogendra singh yadav, ~~~~millimetres~~~~, , ✄--------

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