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Classy kinda sassy
22 April 2012 @ 01:06 pm

email simmysim at gmail dot com for any resource i've locked
or just to chat! :)
Classy kinda sassy
28 November 2009 @ 08:49 am
Part 1 is here

Ugly Betty:

He plays an accountant named Kenny, and Kenny rapsCollapse )

Big Fat Liar

THIS was funCollapse )

American Beauty

Doesn't speak, and it only lasts like 10 secondsCollapse )

See This Movie

Seriously, see this fucking movieCollapse )

American Dreamz

Some amusing linesCollapse )

Down To Earth

This is a Chris Rock movieCollapse )

American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding

The love affair that started with MILFCollapse )

Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas

His role is small but funCollapse )

White Castle
Guantanamo Bay

this movie that no one has heard of (the joke is that everyone has heard of it)Collapse )

Wag the Dog

disappointingCollapse )

Bam Bam and Celeste

Read more...Collapse )

In Good Company

He has like, one lineCollapse )

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

He is the ~parking valet~Collapse )


barely thereCollapse )


Read more...Collapse )

Misc favs:

Be a Nigger Too
Mad TV sketch
No on Proposition 8
People Inside: John Cho 1 2 I really enjoyed this interview.
Making faces a Comic-Con

These are ones I couldn't find online for various reasons, if you have any directions I'd be pretty grateful for them :D

Given up on:
# "The Singles Table" - a clip of this apparently once resided here, but it's dead. A sitcom that never made it past the pilot.

. . . uhm holy crap I just tried that link and it was suddenly working. This is the quality of it though, idk if you want to bother. Cho is pretty funny in it.
# The Men's Room - Sitcom that never aired
# Among Others
# The Tiger Woods Story
# Boston Common
# Daddio - sitcom that aired once
# The Jeff Foxworthy Show
# The Division
# Exchange Value - this is a 24 minute short with only two actors in it, John Cho being one of them. This makes me think it's pretty relevant to my interests, if I could ever find it :*

I've bought these and they're on the way but lol IDK how to rip so D: it won't do anyone else any good:
# West 32nd
# Yellow
# Pavilion of Women
# Shopping for Fangs - I can't wait to get this. Apparently he plays a homosexual photographer, and at the end of the movie he puts on this lady's blonde wig and sunglasses.
# Earth vs. the Spider

# "V.I.P." - I can't find any copies of this and I know that CAN'T be right, there is no way any shred of film that had Pamela Anderson in it is lost while the internet's around. I will find this. It will probably be disappointing and grainy, but now it's a challenge.
# "The Magnificent Seven"

I, uhm, don't think these are real:

# Untitled David Diamond/David Weissman Project
# Family Feud
# Western Avenue
Classy kinda sassy
06 November 2009 @ 02:35 pm
The rating system isn't necessarily about the quality of the episode, but the quality of the Cho within the episode. For example, I would've rated Star Trek:

3.5/5 Chos

What's there of him is great, but if you walked into the theater just for Cho scenes, you might come out a little sad at how little screen time he had.

The Air I Breathe

Barely any Cho, but he looks so fucking fuckable.Collapse )

Grey's Anatomy

Man I wanted to rate this higher but he's really not in it enoughCollapse )

House, MD

Not given much, but he works itCollapse )

Better Luck Tomorrow (700mb) OR 1 2 3 (1.7 GB, awesome quality for caps, etc. Rejoin with hjsplit)

So much quality Cho D:Collapse )


I almost wanted to give this a higher rating because it's SO BAD it's worth checking outCollapse )

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

MR. HYPECollapse )


On screen twiceCollapse )

Kim Possible

He did the entire episode with a George Takei impersonation.Collapse )

How I Met Your Mother

Man he plays evil so wellCollapse )

American Dad

The weirdness in the episode almost overwhelms the ChoCollapse )

Til Death Do Us Part

He plays basketball at the endCollapse )

Static Shock 1x11

More voiceworkCollapse )

Delivering Milo

He says like three thingsCollapse )

Smiley Face

I have never been stoned, this movie makes me feel like I haveCollapse )


on screen twiceCollapse )

Oh, and of course, I uploaded Kitchen Confidential and Off Centre ages ago, here. They are both

Part 2 is here
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